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There is a wide range of appropriate equipment that can be deployed for carpet cleaning depending on the particular circumstance.

  • We employ the use of a conventional vacuum cleaner which sucks up all the dirt and dust particles that have been loosened or released by the chemical treatment process.
  • A professional steam cleaner is used to expunge or remove up to 99% of bacteria found in your carpet.
  • We use a professional power brush that can be fitted with spinning brushes or brass bristles for more stubborn stains, which can also be gentle on the fibres and not cause any damage.
  • We employ the use of a hot water extraction (HWE) machine which flushes in warm, soapy water at a high pressure into the carpets and then sucks it back out, collecting all of the dirt and liquid with it.
  • We use a carpet extractor to remove excess water from your carpets, it also removes up to 99% of bacteria that remained after professional carpet cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaning is serious business, as has been shown, and it surely requires genuine expertise and experience.

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