Carpet Cleaning Prices

How Much Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost? 

Cleaning services vary in price depending on the size of your carpet, frequency and what type you need done. To confirm the estimate for professional cleaning we provide is a great deal, we welcome you to call around to different companies or do a search online with “professional carpet cleaners near me.”There are also calculators that will help determine how much it would cost based on square footage before calling the company.

A lot of factors go into determining how much it costs. Professional cleaning can cost anything from £40-£100 per square meter, and we may charge a minimum fee for one or two rooms and then add extra fees based on what type of service you need (deep clean, stain removal etc).

Prices also vary depending on location. It helps to read reviews before hiring us – convince yourself of our complete professionalism and expertise. Generally prices include shampooing plus other techniques such as steam cleaning, deodorizing etc. You can also pay extra for a deep-clean package which will usually include pre-treatment.

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