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For professional upholstery cleaning, the upholstery cleaning equipment we use include:


  • Protectors for upholstered furniture (to prevent soiling)
  • A vacuum system that is powerful (it cleans deep into cracks and crevices)
  • Several machines built specifically for cleaning fabrics
  • Upstreamers made to remove dust mites, bacteria, pollen, pet dander & other allergies

We take several precautions during upholstery cleaning and they include

  • Never let upholstery take in more water than it’s absorbent power
  • Steer clear of using steam cleaners on vinyl and plastic surfaces. There’s a chance that it will melt them!
  • Always carefully read through the label of any chemical before applying it to upholstery or carpets
  • Completely dry upholstery and carpets before you use them again
  • Wear clothes you can afford to get stained or ruined when cleaning upholstery since it is a dirty process.
  • It is most appropriate to have the furniture pushed in the direction of an open door or other spaces where it will not disturb free flow of traffic like hallways in buildings.

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