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Mabino Cleaning Services is fast becoming the household name in carpet cleaning company in the heart of Bolton, with servicing all of northwest England. We were once young and inexperienced, offering simple residential carpet cleaning services using largely manual equipment in 2001. We now take pride in having a formidable team of professional carpet cleaners highly experienced in offering a wide range of domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services from a small scale where simple chemicals are used to large scale cleaning with heavy-duty equipment and specialized chemicals.

We have learnt over time what works and what doesn’t. So we bring true value to our clients starting from being able to offer a professional quote shortly after you request, containing with very detailed and targeted work scope directed at meeting your needs.

We look forward to that smile on your face when we notify job completed, that smile of extreme pleasure and delight that expectations were met and exceeded. And you are just one call way.   Call us today: 01204-555-5555.

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Why Choose Us

The experience we have gathered doing this for many years now ensures that we get the job done the right way exceptionally every time. If there is an usual challenge, we are at an advantage for find the best solution.

We follow standard operating procedures, we have standard well-researced and validated carpet cleaning procedures

We are very courteous. We have taken emotional intelligence courses and are excellent social managers

Transparency and diligence are keywords that define our value orientation

We ensure we maintain insurance coverage up to date

The cleaning services our professional cleaners bring you:

We cannot overemphasize the fact that we have a team with solid training and experience! We know when to use heavy duty vacuum cleaners or when to use hot water extraction cleaning for carpets, as an example. There are accident hazards associated with using cleaning equipment without proper training and experience.

Fully aware of occupational hazards as highlighted by Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) publish article dedicated to health hazards associated with cleaning products and why they could be harmful (1)  and modern trends in carpet technology (2), you can rest assured that the benefits of using our services is invaluable.

Domestic carpet cleaning services cover carpets and rugs in personal residences and small-sized care homes, vehicle carpets and mats. Carpets and rugs are a key item in home and office interior decoration. While it is standard practice to keep them clean by regular vacuuming, because of their position and constant direct contact with many shoes (among so many other things!), the amount of dirt they accumulate over time normally requires cleaning using professional methods. See details of our carpet/rug cleaning services here.

Beauty, hygience, health, government regulations are drivers to undertake regular commerical carpet cleaning at offices, pubs and clubs, care homes, restaurants, bars, shops, factories, hospitals and other public buildings. We know how to meet the usually more stringent cleaning requirements in this space. We have experienced professional cleaners to meet specific commercial cleaning needs. We derive pleasure in taking on the cleaning hassles to give you the pleasure of a clean space. You may want us to handle just that difficult aspect your regular cleaners cannot handle, or you may want us to take on all the cleaning. See more details of our service offerings here.

The sofas, seats, chairs at home or office, factory or hotel, private or public space, usually do not get routinely cleaned and leave us exposed to health hazards and asset deterioration. That’s where we come in: we are the experts with solid training and experience over years. We also offer upholstery cleaning services: sofa cleaning, mattress cleaning, and vehicle seat upholstery cleaning. Ground in dirt, dust and spillages can be removed from seat fabric, leaving a fresh fragrance. You would be surprised the amount of dirt that is cleaned from that otherwise clean-looking corner or item. Click to read more on what we have to offer here.

Standard Carpet Cleaning Process

Our standard carpet cleaning process is as follows. However, there may be peculiar circumstances where a variation of this process is required following the professional judgment of our cleaners.

Pre-inspection: We begin with a home inspection where we examine your carpets for its condition to enable proper selection of the cleaning products and methods to be deployed. This is a crucial step, and one in our the experience of our professional cleaners shine out.

Initial Vacuuming: Next, we perform a quick sweep with the commercial vacuum. This ensures all lose debris are taken away to allow effort to be concentrated on the tough stains and carpet restoration.

Carpet Surface Conditioning: We want to achieve proper cleaning targeted at hygiene and health; this makes it necessary to move away light furniture, loose items, overhanging beddings, blinds and curtains. We can work around heavy furniture.

Carpet Chemical Treatment: Pre-spray, Pre-spot:  Pre-spraying is done on the carpet and certain spots are pre-treated as part of ensuring excellent results.We take great pride in the experience we have gathered doing this for many years now

Hot Water ExtractionThe carpet is thoroughly rinsed using a powerful extraction machine without over wetting the carpet. This process is sometimes also referred to as steam extraction.

Post Spot Treatment: Any spots or stains still remaining will get extra treatment.

Hot Water Extraction: The carpet is thoroughly rinsed using a powerful extraction machine without over wetting the carpet. This process is sometimes also referred to as steam extraction.

Professional Cleaners – Experienced in handling the most difficult stains

Stains from Grease, Ink in offices and factories

Food residue ,  Organic Soils

Liquid Spillages: Wine, Coffee/Milk, Soft drinks

Kids playground carpet stains, Mud from shoes

Stains from baby poo and urine

Pet urine and poo stains, and other pet stains

Lipstick or other oil-based consmetic

Accumulated dust and dirt from shoes

Carpet Care Before and After Professional Carpet Cleaning

You should engage our services from time to time because a carpet deep clean will remove all the accumulated dirt, dust and allergens that have built up in your carpet over time. But you can maintain your carpet daily by addressing stains promptly in with the following guidelines. Read more here …

Carpet Stain Protection

Carpet stain protection is a technique used by home owners and commercial establishments to protect carpets from stains, especially in high traffic areas. Carpet stain proofing is an option for those who don’t want the expense of getting their carpet cleaned as often because it’s protected against staining. It can also be added after already stained areas have been professionally treated to help keep them looking fresh longer. Read more …

Answers to some questions you may have:

Why should I hire a professional cleaner?

We have equipment and cleaning products specifically designed for exceptional results. We have the training and experience with cleaning methods, equipment and products, which the average citizen does not have to execute cleaning to the standard required for proper hygiene in both private and public spaces. 

What is the price for carpet cleaning?

We send you a price quote that considers the type of cleaning required and size of room to be cleaned. We assure you of good prices, true value for money. Call us today.

How long will it take to clean my carpet?

Because we are professionals, we achieve excellent cleaning at optimum timing. This depends on factors to be considered: size of carpet or rug, size of room, size of carpet, pre-cleaning requirements such as moving furniture and other items, etc. When you reach out to us for a quote, we advise on this depending on the information you provide around these factors.

Do I need to move furniture prior to carpet cleaning?

Yes, as much as possible. One target of carpet cleaning is hygiene and health, and because dirt lurks under furniture, moving furniture assures effective cleaning. Our professional carpet cleaners will want to move your light furniture around to ensure you carpet is thoroughly cleaned. However, obviously, we can do carpet cleaning without moving furniture when we cannot move heavy furniture. And not just furniture, it will be necessary to move away any items lying on the carpet like toys, overflowing beddings, curtains or blinds. 

Will all odours and smells be removed with carpet cleaning?

Yes. We have been doing this for years and the results we achieve using our methods are exceptional. If we cannot achieve satisfactory cleaning, no one else can. We also want your smile of satisfaction when we succeed – our great delight.

Will the cleaning remove dog urine from the carpet?

Yes. Given careful pre-inspection and cleaning product selection, your carpet will be restored to a like-new condition.

Can carpet cleaning remove all the stains and dirt?

We acknowledge there are some really difficult stains that we only succeed to partially remove, but these are very rare. We will always advise you of the predicted outcome of cleaning your carpets following the carpet pre-cleaning inspection.

Will my carpets be left wet through?

Our carpet cleaning methods leave your carpet only slightly damp after cleaning such that the carpet could be walked on in socks. Then there is some waiting time to allow drying, and drying time depends on several factors.

How long do I have to wait until my carpets are dry?

This is our standard response to this question: Our carpet cleaners will always advise you of this based on your specific circumstances: ventilation/air circulation available in room, humidity and temperature, and the time of the year. Carpets are usually only slightly damp after cleaning will normally be completely dried within 6-10 hours, and 24 hours at the most.

Are carpet cleaning chemicals safe?

Yes. The carpet cleaning products we use are generally safe. From our experience, we know to use green-certified non-toxic products that achieve effective and thorough cleaning at short drying times. However, the RoSPA guideline highlights potential hazards to children playing on carpets immediately they are cleaned. The drying time is required to eliminate this hazard.


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  2. Mollenkamp, Becky (2005-01-01). “A Deeper Understanding Of Carpet-Care Technology: Encapsulation technology and green products are two of the biggest trends in carpet care, according to industry manufacturers”. Sanitary Maintenance. 

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